About Us

No rules, no limits.

That’s our passion, and that’s our ethic. Whalen Enterprises is committed to creating, nurturing, and breathing life into our dreams of a better tomorrow.

Whalen Enterprises provides consulting, research, and development assistance to companies and private individuals looking to turn ideas, intellectual properties, and products into commercial success. Additionally, we provide assistance to non-commercial enterprises that aim to improve the happiness, health, and well-being of our daily lives.

We believe that satisfied customers, happy people, and having fun are what matter. That’s why the bottom line in all of our enterprises is satisfaction – not profit. If you’re not happy doing what you do every day, what’s the point?

Quick Facts

Founder: Andrew Whalen

Year Founded: 2003

Headquarters: The Netherlands

Business Areas: Social Innovation, Digital Technology, Energy, Health and Wellness, Scientific Research