Blue Storm

Year Founded: 2017

Status: operating

Description: Blue Storm’s mission is to help organizations unleash their full potential by adopting a culture of innovation. Our guiding vision is that by empowering individuals and teams to make their own choices, organizations become more productive, profitable, and sustainable, while simultaneously becoming a joy to work for and a pleasure to do business with.


Year Founded: 2014

Status: in development

Description: Historica acquires, researches, trades, and shares historical artefacts. Our mission is help share and spread information about the rich, vibrant, and diverse expanse of human history. Beyond the pages of the usual history books filled with presidents, generals, inventors, religious leaders, and pop stars, lies the much more colourful and often more fantastic stories of the ‘common’ man and woman. This is what Historica is all about: collecting, researching, discovering, and sharing the incredible wealth of history that makes up the story of the human race – our story.


Year Founded: 2013

Status: research completed

Description:  Cloud9’s mission is to make using the cloud as easy as turning on a light switch. A tall order no doubt, but it keeps us busy. By creating and delivering innovative methods of using cloud services, we share our own enthusiasm for life, for simplicity, and beauty. We make use of, but do not rely on technology to be the answer. We recognize the simple truth that we are part of a greater whole, and that each part of that whole is worth no more, no less, than the other.


Year Founded: 2002

Status: Divested

Description: NetDialog is an innovative provider of application delivery services. As one of the first SaaS companies in the Netherlands, NetDialog has proven itself to be an innovative partner of high-tech services to medium and large-sized enterprises.

Unity Theory

Year Founded: 2001

Status: Active

Description: Science is full of discoveries, challenges, and mysteries. Each new generation of scientists has advanced our knowledge and understanding of the physical world. But now something strange and wonderful has happened: Science has reached a limit. Science has encountered the scientist appearing in its own formulas, laws, and theories. What does this mean to you and me? A whole new frontier of science where to go further you’ll have to leave your eyes and ears at home. Whalen Enterprises has developed Unity Theory as a way to help us explore this strange and exciting new world.